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Registration and Reporting Requirements for Candidates and Political Committees

The District of Columbia Campaign Finance Reform and Conflict of Interest Act of 1974, as amended, DC Official Code, Section 1-1101.01 et seq. (2001 edition), requires full and complete disclosures by and on behalf of local candidates and political committees engaged in local political campaigns.

Registration Requirements:

  • Statement of Candidacy: An individual must register as a candidate with the Office of Campaign Finance within five (5) days of receiving a contribution, making an expenditure, obtaining nominating petitions, or authorizing another person to so act on their behalf.
  • Statement of Organization: Each political committee must file a Statement of Organization within ten (10) days of organizing. The ten (10) day period will commence upon designation by the candidate of a principal campaign committee on the Statement of Candidacy Form if the committee has not previously organized.

Reporting Requirements:

  • Financial Disclosure Statement: Each candidate must file a personal Financial Disclosure Statement with the Director of Campaign Finance within thirty (30) days of becoming a candidate.
  • Report of Receipts and Expenditures: Reports of Receipts and Expenditures must be filed by all candidates and the treasurers of all political committees. This requirement does not apply to candidates who designated a principal campaign committee, and have been granted a waiver from filing separate reports from their committee; and to candidates who anticipate spending less than $500 in any one election and have not designated a principal campaign committee. Candidates who anticipate spending less than $500 must file a $500 exemption form fifteen (15) days before and thirty (30) days after the election.
  • Non-Election Year Reporting: Existing Principal Campaigns and Political Committees (PACS etc.) must continue to file Reports of Receipts and Expenditures during an election year, on January 31st and July 31st

Each person (other than a political committee or candidate) who makes contributions or expenditures, other than by contribution to a political committee or candidate, in an aggregate amount of $50 or more, within a calendar year shall file with the Director a report of Receipts and Expenditures (DC Code 1-1102.07).

NOTE: All reports are available for public inspection, and subject to desk and full field audits and investigations.

All candidates and political committees must adhere to the contribution limitations of DC Code 1-1131.01, and comply with the requirements of DC Code 1-1102.10, pertaining to the identification of campaign literature.


Candidates and political committees have a continuing responsibility to file campaign reports until a termination report is filed and approved by the Director. For example, neither withdrawal of candidacy nor an unsuccessful bid for office will relieve registered filers from the responsibility of filing reports of receipts and expenditures. A termination report can only be filed when the political committee has satisfied all debts and sustains a zero balance.

If you need additional information, you may contact the Office of Campaign Finance on (202) 671-0547. The Public Information and Records Management division is open for walk-in service from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. The Office of Campaign Finance provides information kits that contain the aforementioned forms, specific requirements under the act, and sections of pertinent OCF regulations for candidates and political committees.