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Online Filing Overview

The Online Filing System, developed by the Office of Campaign Finance, receives online filing submissions via an electronic format. The system supports several types of committees and filers who may file online. The committees include principal campaign committees, political party committees, political action committees (PACs).

In addition to new reports (or current reports) that are filed, candidates and committees may at any time submit amendments to previous filings, including changes, additions, or deletions to previously submitted reports.

It is important to note that there are significant differences in size and complexity of reporting among the various types of committees. The largest and most complex reports are submitted by principal campaign committees and political action committees, which report a wide variety of activities and whose financial activity may total hundreds of thousands of dollars in each election cycle.

Due to the recent changes in the statute, OCF anticipates that 20 - 40 percent of all campaign committees will choose to file online during the early stages of the program. Filers can currently navigate the OCF website and file reports in a secure, password-protected environment. OCF business rules are incorporated in the design of the software for validation checks and flagging errors. Other system features include:

  1. Print/Preview capability
  2. Final and amended report submission, to exclude redundant processes
  3. Compatibility for key data entry for paper filings